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Cat Grooming

Brush outs, nail trims + more

Bring your kitten or cat in for a warm bath or a brush out with one of our professionally trained pet groomers. All cat services include a nail trim! Cat grooming services are available Tuesday through Friday, by drop off appointment only.

Benefits of grooming your cat, include:

  • Brush Outs: Regular brush outs help minimize shedding and matting.
  • Nail trims: Monthly nail trims benefit both you and your cat: decrease in damaged furniture and increase in positive interactions. 

Cat Grooming

In addition to brush outs and nail trims, we also offer lion cuts for cats. Lion Cuts are less maintenance for a cat who doesn’t like brushing.

At Muddy Paws Salon, we offer the following services for cats:

  • Bathing and drying
  • Lion cuts and sanitary trims
  • Nail trimming and ear cleaning

Kitten Grooming

It’s a good idea to start your kitten with grooming at a young age to help get them comfortable with the grooming process. All kitten services include a nail trim! Checkout the following services offered to kittens:

  • Bathing and drying (we use the dryer on low & go slow to help your kitten get used to the noise and feeling)
  • Sanitary trims
  • Nail trimming and ear cleaning

Feline Grooming Requirements

Current proof of rabies vaccine required for any cat over 5 months.

Please call 978-948-5361 to schedule your kittens spa appointment today!

Cat Grooming in Rowley MA

Muddy Creek Animal Care Center